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Hello, I am Mike D'Abruzzo. I work together with some other great dog trainers.  I do not claim to be better than any other trainer out there, but I do have a system that makes advanced training much easier and more humane for the average person. Also, more importantly I have an agenda. And that agenda is help change the world of dog training and make significant changes in the outlook of our best friends’ futures. I have been an obsessive fanatic of dog training for over 18 years full time – living, breathing, and eating dog training to create answers for what I could not find through many college courses, dog training schools, seminars, and books that I have absorbed.  I have combined my passion into layman’s terms to make it easier for you to pick up where I left off and continue on with me as support. Through better standards, professionalism, and above all else a higher level of respect and value for the lives of these god given creatures that rely on us for not only their quality of life, but for life itself, we must all band together to get good information out there.  Check out my programs  to see and learn more. 

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