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In-Service Training

Traditional law enforcement training occurs in a much fractured manner. Due to logistical constraints, live fire training, force-on-force, defensive tactics and physical conditioning usually take place at different times and locations.

Paladin is the value added integrated solution. Paladin provides law enforcement agencies and military units with the facilities and resources necessary for efficient and effective in-service and special operations training.


Every agency and unit has unique operational needs and procedures. Paladin’s role is to work with training departments to facilitate their operations by offering economical solutions.

Training Resources

  • 25,000 sq. ft. Force-On-Force Center

  • EVOC Driving Track

  • Defensive Tactics / Fitness Center

  • Virtual Firearms Training Simulator

  • Classrooms / Lecture Space

Equipment / Resources

  • UTM Conversion Kits / Ammunition

  • Airsoft Kits

  • Personal Protection Equipment

  • Props / Targets / 3D Targets

  • Professional Role Players / Special Fx 

Support Services

  • Dedicated Client Liaison

  • Training Advisors

  • Quartermaster / Armorer

  • Special Topics Instructors

  • Safety Officers / Support Personnel

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