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Ti Training Lab™  Use of Force Simulator

The Ti Training Lab™ is an interactive Use of Force and Firearms Simulation system that combines the latest technologies with unique feature sets, allowing for total training customization.


The Training Lab™ is the Premiere Training Simulator of the Paladin Center, ensuring the best trainee experience possible. Departments looking for a high quality, full-function Training Simulator choose The Training Lab for its high level of system flexibility and range of use. It is the industry leading simulation technology.


From top to bottom, The Training Lab™ is the entire package. It's the go-anywhere-you-want Simulator complete with everything needed to conduct quality Use of Force training.

Wide Array of Tools

The Ti Training Lab™ simulator uses specially engineered laser weapons such as the following: Pistols, Long Rifles, OC Spray, Batons, Flashlights, M26 or X26 TASER™ Guns, Shotguns, and Less Lethal Modified Shotguns. 

Multiple Trainees

The Ti Training Lab™ simulator supports up to 6 trainees at the same time dealing with a specific scenario and can track each trainees response.

Custom Weapons & Live Weapons

We have specially designed kits to modify certain live fire weapons to use C02 gas to simulate recoil, and barrel mounted recoil activated lasers to track shots. We also have a wide array of modified realistic full metal / polymer airsoft pistols and rifles that can match the model, size, weight, and recoil of your service or carry firearm. We've converted these gas operated airsoft rifles / pistols to look, feel, and operate like their real steel counterparts. Whilst in a scenario trainees can use these simulated weapons to engage targets, perform magazine reloads, and clear weapon malfunctions under stress.

Low Light Scenarios

Most of our 600+ scenarios can instantly be modified to a low light scenario - requiring the trainee to use a specially modified IR flashlight. In the future we will have kits to modify an officers duty light to be used.

Marksmanship Firing Line

Virtual marksmanship training is a effective supplemental tool which allows for more frequent weapons training without the cost of live ammunition. Thus a huge benefit of Firing Line is AFFORDABILITY. Departments will specifically see cost savings in ammunition and logistics. Frequent weapons training in the virtual environment allows officers practice weapon handling techniques. This marksmanship training tool takes actual bullet ballistics into account with variable distance customization.

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